Karo-Zinn, Body levelling compound

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Karo-Zinn, Body levelling compound

Item Nr. 96175
Package Size: 265 ml cartridge


Body tin is a two-component body levelling compound, which replaces tin-coating. • very good adhesion to all metals such as sheet metal, steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, magnesium, alloys as well as many fibre-reinforced materials • can be shaped, sanded, ground and coated for excellent results • prevents contact corrosion


Area of application: For levelling and filling of damaged and repair spots such as scratches, dents, weld seams and repair sheet metals, for example , on door sills, wheel housings, mudguards, bonnets, doors, roofs, as well as rear and side parts.

Mould the body tin with a slight surplus, can be handled with a vehicle body plane once it has hardened. Temperature increases the hardening process, easy to use thanks to the innovative cartridge system. For processing, we recommend our applicator gun with a transmission ratio of 18:1 (item no. 81500).

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Shelf Life12


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