Power adhesive, black

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Power adhesive, black

Item Nr. 94229
Package Size: 290 ml cartridge


Premium 1K adhesive and sealing agent. • Broad range of adhesive applications • strong initial adhesion and final strength • excellent sealing properties • high elastic and dynamic load capacity • free from silicone, solvents, isocyanate • can be re-coated, non-ageing, weatherproof, UV-resistant and waterproof


Area of application: For adhesion and sealing in body, vehicle and container construction. Applications in the automotive field: e.g. wheel guard, spoiler, mudguard, vehicle underbody, boot floor, seams on the front and rear spoilers, fold sealing. Also for assembly adhesions of metal, glass, stone, concrete, plaster, gypsum, tiles, natural stone, wood, varnished surfaces, mirrors, PVC and many plastics.

Technical Details

BaseMS Polymer
Shelf Life24 months

H- and P-Statements

EUH208: May produce an allergic reaction.
EUH210: Safety data sheet available upon request.