2K POWER adhesive

2K POWER adhesive

Package SizeItem Nr.
11 ml double syringe SB card93510

2K POWER adhesive

ContentItem Nr.
12 x 11 ml double syringe SB card93511


2K Power adhesive is not only fast hardening it has a wide range of uses and will fill most gaps whilst maintaining the maximum adhesive strength via 2-component technology. • fast, strong, multi-faceted, flexible, not material dependent • gap bridging up to 6 mm • can be used overhead • good chemical resistance • can be sanded, ground and coated


Area of application: Adhesion and repair of plastic, metal, rubber, ceramic, porcelain, wood, paper, cardboard and much more, together and with each other.

Sand back and clean the adhesive parts, for best results we recommend using a PETEC mixing tube. Bond the parts within the allotted time.

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