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Insulating and acoustic panel


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Insulating and acoustic panel

Item no. 87610
Size: 500 x 500 x 2 mm


Flexible, bitumen-based, noise reduction panel with self-adhesive backing to one side, to remove and reduce sound and noises on the bodywork
  • excellent adhesion to metal and plastic
  • for insulating body parts such as the interior, roof and floor sections as well as the bonnet and boot lid and much more.
  • absorbs noise and vibrations
  • suitable for all frequency ranges
  • excellent for CAR HI-FI refurbishment
  • dirt-repellent and splash-resistant
  • temperature and UV-resistant, resistant to ageing and weatherproof
  • against vibrations, anti-buzzing

Areas of application

For eliminating noise sources. For applications in the automotive, vehicle construction, car HiFi and tuning conversion sectors, such as speaker construction, installation of power amplifiers, doorboards, crossovers, soundboards, speaker and speaker construction (woofers, mid-range speakers, tweeters, basses), caravans, buses, shipping, construction and agricultural machinery, heating and mechanical engineering, industry, trades (roller shutter boxes and window sills), as well as for domestic (garage and sink) and DIY applications


Surface weight2,02 ± 0,2
Shelf life36 Months
Temperature Resistance–40 -+100