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Bike Cleaner

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Bike Cleaner

Item no. 60150
Package size: 500 ml spray bottle


Bike Cleaner is a spray-on, residue-free multi-purpose cleaner with immediate effect for cleaning bicycles and motor bikes rapidly and thoroughly
  • multi-purpose
  • extremely powerful cleaning effect
  • removes dirt, deposits, grease, oil, insects and resin
  • does not damage any materials

Areas of application

The cleaner does not damage any materials (metal, plastic, carbon, chrome, leather, textiles, glass, Plexiglas, etc.) and is suitable for all components. Thanks to its special composition, the cleaner also removes persistent dirt and deposits such as grease, oil, resin, limestone, brake dust and insects.


Shelf life36 Months




Hazard symbols

Contains: Cleaning agent, 648/2004/EC, contains: < 5% non-ionic surfactants, < 5% anionic surfactants; fragrances.