Leakage stop

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Leakage stop

Item Nr. 80150
Package Size: 150 ml bottle


Special additive for all kinds of engine, gear and machine oils for eliminating leakages that result from old seals. • impregnates the defect seal and renews its elasticity • allows it to swell • in so doing it also levels the seal wear for the long term


Area of application: Suitable for engines, manual and automatic gearboxes, axle drives, servo- steering mechanisms and hydraulic systems. Leakage stop can be added to the oil in case of already existing leakages and also as a preventive measure.

Add 3% of the total oil volume (an oil volume of 5 litres corresponds to 150 ml of leakage stop), not suitable for wet clutches on motorbikes.

Technical Details

mittelviskoses Öl
Shelf Life24

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