High-temperature silicone seal

permanently elastic

High-temperature silicone seal grey

Package sizeItem no.
70 ml97680
200 ml97620

High-temperature silicone seal, red

Package sizeItem no.
70 ml97880
200 ml97820

High-temperature silicone seal, black

Package sizeItem no.
70 ml97780
200 ml97720

High-temperature silicone seal, white

Package sizeItem no.
200 ml97920


The alternative to conventional solid seals! Single-component, permanently elastic silicone for applications subject to high thermal loads. • seals permanently • permanently elastic and dimensionally stable • Capable of sealing large gaps • fills gaps, roughness depths and irregularities • no loss of damping force • no setting of the seal • UV-resistant, climate resistant • resistant to water, salt water, oil, fat, cleaning agent, hydrocarbon and much more.

Areas of application

Area of application: Seals metal parts (aluminium, casting, steel etc.), plastics, glass, ceramic and wood, e.g. oil sumps, gear oil sumps, gearbox housings, differential seals, water and oil pumps, thermostat housings, drive shaft casings, valve covers, spur gear covers, engine front covers, battery boxes, headlights, tail lights, protective casings, and much more.

One seal, many uses, every shape can be readjusted, quick start up operation after around 60 minutes.

Hazard symbols

EUH210: Safety data sheet available upon request.