Bodywork, assembly & joint sealing tape

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Bodywork, assembly & joint sealing tape

Item Nr. 87430
Size: 5,6 m x 15 mm x 5-12 mm roll


For sealing joints and overlaps against driving rain, wind, sound, dust and spray water. • is suitable for seal gaps • non-destructive removal • very good sound and heat protection properties • immediate further processing possible • categorised in accordance with BG1 and BGR; B1 (hardly inflammable)


Area of application: For sealing of joints and expansion joints in the area connecting the walls and ceiling between concrete components, skylight surrounds, window frames, masonry and windowsill connections in the construction of trapezoidal sheet metal, sandwich construction, metal construction, solid construction, wood construction, and drywall construction. For joints and overlaps in the bodywork e.g. mudguards, sliding roofs,brake lights and reversing lights, number plates and other body parts.

Technical Details

Fugenschalldaemmung59 dB
Shelf Life36 months
Schlagregendicht>600 Pa
Temperature Resistance-30°C bis +90°C


Technical Data Sheet