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Bonding & sealing adhesive

Bonding & sealing adhesive, black

Package sizeItem no.
80 ml94270
290 ml94729

Bonding & sealing adhesive, transparent

Package sizeItem no.
80 ml94170
290 ml94929

Bonding & sealing adhesive, grey

Package sizeItem no.
290 ml94629

Bonding & sealing adhesive, white

Package sizeItem no.
290 ml94529


Single-component, elastic adhesive and sealing agent, can be used for absorbent and non-absorbent glued surfaces. • for indoor and outdoor applications • wide adhesion spectrum as well as excellent sealing properties • extremely strong initial adhesion and final strength • shock-absorbent and vibration-resistant • high elastic and dynamic load capacity • weatherproof, non-ageing, UV-resistant, waterproof, resistant to salt water • free from isocyanate, solvent, PVC and silicone • can be coated with emulsion paints • also hardens under water

Areas of application

Area of application: Extremely suitable for the construction, craft, household, hobby, industry and automotive sectors. Bonds metal, glass, stone, concrete, rendering, tiles, natural stone, wood, varnished surfaces, mirror, styrene, gypsum plaster board and chipboard, body and sheet metal parts, insulating plates.

Hazard symbols

Contains: Trimethoxyvinylsilan, N-(3-(Trimethoxysilyl)propyl)ethylendiamin

EUH210: Safety data sheet available upon request.
EUH208: May cause allergic reactions.