Oil binder

Type III R fine, absorbent

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Oil binder

Item no. 72320
Package size: 40 litres/20 kg sack


  • easy to use
  • quick and economic
  • suitable as a chemical binder type B, F, H, P
  • can be used for small and large areas indoors and outdoors
  • environmentally sound, 100% recycled product
  • can also be used on wet substrates
  • suitable as a chemical binder (pre-test) - Avoid contact with strong acids and oxidising agents
  • Type: Type III R fine – 40 litres
  • grain size: 0.125 mm – 1 mm
  • oil binding: 1 litre PETEC oil binder binds 0.86 l oil

Areas of application

For binding of polluting fuel and oil spills on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, plaster, tiles and many more. For automotive and truck repair shops, fire stations, motorway and road maintenance depots, petrol stations, industrial and craft businesses, hauliers, vehicle recovery services and in agriculture.


Shelf life Months