Tube & thread sealing

Tube & thread sealing yellow

Package sizeItem no.
50 g97217

Tube & thread sealing white

Package sizeItem no.
50 g97218


For sealing and securing metallic screw threads against gas, water, hydrocarbon, oil, liquid gas and many chemicals. • replaces hemp, PTFE. as well as solid seals • vibration-resistant • fuel and oil-resistant • easily removable • solvent free

Areas of application

Area of application: Installation and sanitary area, pipeline construction, industry, automobile, water management, gas, chemicals and oil industry.

For quicker hardening at low processing temperatures (below +5° C), large gaps as well as stainless steel and non-metallic parts, we recommend PETEC activator for anaerobic adhesive and sealing agents (item no. 90920). Anaerobic hardening: Hardens only between two metallic surfaces with the exclusion of oxygen.