Thread sealing cord

for all sorts of threads and materials

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Thread sealing cord

Item no. 85175
Length: 175 m spool


Unique thread sealing cord for sealing metallic and plastic threads.
  • for all threads and materials
  • bridges sealing gaps of different sizes
  • forms a P.T.F.E. film in the exact required thickness while connecting the threads and adapts to every pipe diameter
  • bridges sealing gaps of different sizes
  • unlimited durability
  • non-flammable or non-combustible
  • always remains soft and flexible
  • every spool has a protected 360° blade and an integrated lubricant
  • resistant to heat, corrosion, vibration, gas, water, salt water, oil, fuel, coolant and many other chemicals

Areas of application

Can be used for all thread types, both metal and plastic. For use in the heating, sanitary & installation sector, in the industry and for automotive and domestic applications. Also suitable for threaded connections in solar systems.


BasePolytetrafluoroethylene (P.T.F.E.)
Functional stabilityimmediately
Shelf life Months
Gap Bridgingdepending on the winding
Temperature Resistance–200 - +240