Body sealing cord

Butyl, round, black

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Body sealing cord

Item no. 87510
Size: Ø 10 mm x 10 m


Self-adhesive and duroplastic body sealing cord and body sealing tapes made from butyl for sealing of overlaps on the bodywork.
  • excellent adhesion to all materials
  • it moulds itself to seal the gap
  • prevents contact corrosion
  • absorbs noise and vibrations
  • immediate further processing and sealing effect
  • can be kneaded
  • silicone-free and solvent-free
  • can be re-coated
  • non-destructive removal
  • temperature and UV-resistant, resistant to ageing and weatherproof

Areas of application

For sealing joints, cavities, splices, seams and overlaps on body and sheet metal parts (e.g. mudguards, apertures, ducts, protective strips, trimmed strips, headlights, brake lights and reversing lights, number plates, spoilers, door foils, door panels and much more) against moisture, dust and draught.


Basebutyl rubber
Shelf life36 Months
Temperature Resistance–30 - +100