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Multifunctional seam sealing

Multifunctional seam sealing, black

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Multifunctional seam sealing

Item Nr. 94231
Package Size: 310 ml cartridge


For adhesions and sealing of body parts and overlapping connecting joints. • permanent connections • solvent-free (material does not shrink after through drying) • can be re-coated immediately (wet-on-wet) • permanently elastic after hardening: Minimisation of crack formations in lacquer, excellent stone chip protection, resistant to mechanical damage


Area of application: For permanently elastic, highly adhesive seam sealing and for restoration of the original structure after the accident repair, e.g. in the engine compartment area, boot, undercarriage, wheel guards and on all overlapping assembly seams.

Original structures can be sprayed with telescopic compressed air gun 'Multipress' (item no. 94333).

Technical Details

BaseMS Polymer
Hardening3 mm/24 Stunden
Hardening SystemLuftfeuchtigkeit
Shelf Life24 months
Reissdehnung (%)ca. 150%
Shore A Hardness40°
Temperature Resistance–40°C bis +100°C
Weiterreisswiderstand (N/mm)ca. 8 N / mm
Tensile Shear Strengthca. 2 N / mm2


Technical Data SheetsSafety Data Sheet

H- and P-Statements

Contains: Enthält: Piperidylsebacate

EUH208: May produce an allergic reaction.
EUH210: Safety data sheet available upon request.