POWER Patch, UV repair mat

POWER Patch Mat

SizeItem Nr.
75 x 150 mm matt SB card85150

POWER Patch, Mat

SizeItem Nr.
225 x 300 mm matt85300

POWER Patch Sales display

ContentItem Nr.
12 x POWER Patch SB card85012


Polyester-based UV repair mat which is hardened by UV rays (sunlight or UV lamp). for quick long-lasting repair and adhesion of cracks and holes as well as for additional stabilisation of adhesive and repair points. The alternative to glass fibre mats. • Excellent adhesion to several types of materials, such as plastic, fibreglass, iron, steel, cast, aluminium, alloys and wood • easy to use, quick through-hardening • resistant to impact and vibrations, high-strength bonding • can be used universally for indoor and outdoor application • adjusts to the surface of the repair areas • can be sanded, drilled and painted • resistant to water, salt water, oil, fuel and many other chemicals


Areas of application: Car, truck, caravan: Bumper, radiator, tank, oil sump, exhaust, pipelines, all plastics, body, fibreglass components and much more Industry: Maintenance and repairing of roofs, staircases, water tanks, pipes, pipelines, cable ducts, switch boxes and many more house, hobby, model construction: Jet-ski, canoe, boat, surfboard, windows, fences, roofs, doors, fibreglass claddings and much more.