POWER instant adhesive


Package SizeItem Nr.
3 g SB card bottle93403
3 g bottle93303
10 g SB card bottle93410
10 g bottle93310
20 g bottle93320
500 g bottle933500

Bottle with brush

Package SizeItem Nr.
4 g SB card bottle93404

Turn-lock fastener

Package SizeItem Nr.
20 g bottle93220


Single-component adhesives for long-lasting bonding that harden in a matter of seconds. • super quick adhesion and hardening within seconds • easy to use • very high strength • clean adhesion • immediate further work possible


Area of application: Joins materials such as metal, plastic, rubber, felt, PVC, leather, wood, ceramic and many others - together and with each other.

For quicker hardening we recommend our SpeedBond activator spray (item no. 93515).

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